Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Needed a reboot

It's been a while...For the past 6 weeks I have avoided blogging. Not really intentionally, I just think something inside of me decided to take a break. Don't get me wrong, I love to blog and love to tell my stories and thoughts on this vestibular journey.
I guess we all need a minute to take time for other things...type of reboot of the mind.
I sat down last night by myself, while my boys were doing their own things and really thought about where I have been and how I've been feeling. Life has felt like it is whipping by lately...I HATE THAT!! I am one to try and live in the moment and appreciate everyday, but for some reason there has been stresses and everyday business that has gotten in the way. We all know what that is like!!

My illness has been coming and going, never knowing when it may strike.  As I sat last night it hit me," that's it"!! I figured out why I have been missing in action, "I don't want to give this illness power". I am the type of person when I get into something, I always give it my all. It becomes an enormous part of my everyday. And for some reason, I think my mind and body needed a break from such focus on my illness. Does that make sense? I feel when you give something negative power, it becomes all encompassing. Even though my illness is here most days, I needed a minute to focus on other things. Trying to juggle regular everyday life and an illness at the same time can be very overwhelming. So what I have taken from my reboot is "listen to your body and especially your mind", sometimes it is good to just shut it off for a bit.