Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How to have a social life with a vestibular illness

Social life? I used to consider myself the life of the party...Whether it was a party, concert, bar outing, bbq etc!! I never had to stop and think about if I attended  a social event, was it going to be crowded? Was it going to be loud? Were the lights going to be bright? How long would the event be? What type of food would I be eating? Holy moly, are you kidding? The past, I would get ready and jump in the car and go. None of these questions would ever enter my mind.
Unfortunately, people with vestibular illness's have to think about all of these things in order to get prepared for an event. It sounds stressful, but it helps to think ahead just in case. Many of us become a lot more symptomatic if there are a lot of people, or the lights are too bright. And if the food has a lot of sodium it can cause symptoms to begin. If  you stay out too late, it can wreak havoc the following day. There are days that I miss just being spontaneous, but being prepared really helps.

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