Saturday, December 22, 2018

Adjusting to a scary diagnosis

Wow!! I can't believe it has been eight years since my entire world was literally turned upside down. I am looking forward to helping and guiding others with vestibular issues.

Avoid potential vestibular triggers this Holiday season

Boy, if you would have told me that the holiday season would get better in time, I would have never believed you.
Over the years I have learned through trial and error, as well as research that there are many triggers we can avoid to make our holiday's great.
1. Chocolate, try to keep it to a small amount
2. Coffee, I know it's difficult, but fill the cup up with some decaf
3. Foods that contain a lot of sodium
4. Be easy on the alcohol
5. Stress, try and take time for yourself
6. Sleep, this is huge, definitely take time to catch a quick nap during the holidays

Hope some of these tips help. Have a beautiful holiday season